Boat Draw Order


Leech Lake Information:


6:15am– Check-in- Boat inspection starts at Horseshoe Bay Lodge.

7:00am blast off. We will start early if everyone is checked in and ready.

Boats will idle in order past last dock on north point and then out of Horsehoe Bay. 

Boats may go on plane once clear of buoys or boat in front has blasted off.

3:00pm return for boats 1-15, 3:15 return for 16-30, 3:30 return for 31-43

Return time is being inside of buoys by your noted time.

Weigh-In will be at Horseshoe Bay

Once you have weighed in please make sure to take your fish outside of Horseshoe Bay and release away from shore.  There may be a decision made by tournament officials to specify where all fish must be released.  We will state this morning of Day 1.

Limit of 5 fish- Largemouth and Smallmouth